About Us

Our Approach

At Charterhouse Wealth Managers LLP, we understand that the key to successful financial planning is to establish a long term working relationship with our clients. Whether you are acting as a representative of a Company, Trustee, part of a family or an individual, we understand that your situation is completely unique and therefore it is of vital importance to obtain independent advice tailored to your situation.

Charterhouse WMTo ensure that your arrangements remain applicable to your circumstances, we believe that on-going reviews of your situation are equally important.

Our solution is to provide you with Chartered advisors, backed up by well qualified team members and the latest software and management systems; we are then able to give a holistic solution to your requirements across a range of financial advice disciplines, within one meeting.

Experience and Change

We value continuing professional development within our organisation to ensure that our advisors are up to date with current changes in best practice and legislation. In particular we offer you access to specialist technical advisors covering areas such as inheritance tax planning, trusts, pensions, investment management, tax mitigation and equity release (NB. This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration).

On average, our advisers have 25 years' experience of providing regulated advice to both the individual and corporate market throughout changing times and economic conditions. This experience helps give you perspective on how to position your affairs within a framework that will encompass your current and future potential needs.

With the changes in the classification of independent financial advisors, we are committed to remaining fully independent, ensuring that our clients are able to gain access to unrestricted impartial financial advice and remunerate us either by fees, commissions or a combination of the two.

Chartered Financial Advisors

Our firm is a Chartered financial planning practice which confirms our commitment to maintaining high professional standards. We work extensively with other specialists, such as Accountants, Tax advisors, Solicitors and Stockbrokers to ensure that where possible, our advice complements other strategies that they may be advising you upon.